The Breath of Life Fundraiser

Every second counts when a patient is recovering from surgery, injury or a critical illness and is not able to breath on their own.

Ventilators blow air into the lungs, helping to maintain proper levels of oxygen in the blood.

These complex, life-saving machines are invaluable pieces of equipment in an Emergency Department or Critical Care Unit that replace or assist spontaneous breathing when patients cannot do so on their own. They can also be adjusted to meet the needs of each patient.

When the equipment reaches a point where they become less reliable, more expensive to maintain or is simply eclipsed by new and better technology, they must be replaced. That’s where Bowmanville Hospital is with their current ventilators.

 Bowmanville Hospital is replacing:

Three (3) ventilators at a cost of $106,000
Three (3) portable ventilators at a cost of $55,500

No gift is too small to make a difference. Help save a life, one breath at a time.

Click here to view the 2019 Holiday Appeal and support the Breath of Life Fundraiser. 

** The Board of Directors of the Bowmanville Hospital Foundation reserves the right to redirect the funds donated to a specific equipment or project, only if the equipment or project has not been completed, or is no longer required by Lakeridge Health. The funds will then be used for other priority equipment or project needed at Bowmanville Hospital.