The Bowmanville Hospital Foundation cannot wait to ski with you and your families on Saturday, February 27th 2021!

Who would have thought nine months earlier, we would all be learning how to best navigate the circumstances relating to the COVID-19 crisis? Despite the shifts in our routine and daily lives, we are encouraged by the resilient strategies and solutions emerging to support our communities, region and province.

The events of the past few months have served to truly magnify just how important the redevelopment and expansion project is for Clarington and the Durham Region. We respect and appreciate just how challenging the COVID-19 crisis has been for all of us and the impact on businesses and organizations everywhere. The Bowmanville Hospital Foundation is no exception.

This year, we will be taking our Fundraising Gala event to a virtual platform. We are also adding, two one-time-only events, a fun Golf Day and Family Ski Day, respecting all social distancing practices, of course. All proceeds raised through these events will go to support the redevelopment and expansion project and also purchase much needed equipment for Bowmanville Hospital.

Welcome to the Bowmanville Hospital Foundation

Caring for the needs of Bowmanville Hospital

Our hospital is at the heart of Clarington’s communities. It is the place we come for help in our time of need. Bowmanville Hospital Foundation, proudly celebrating 45 years of service, is dedicated to ensuring that our hospital is well-equipped to provide compassionate health care for our families and individuals today and for years to come.