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Provincial government announces support for the We Care, We Can campaign

2021 is off to an exciting start for the Clarington community and the We Care, We Can campaign. 

On Monday, January 11, 2021, MPP Lindsey Park announced a $2.5 million planning grant from the Provincial government in support of the redevelopment of Bowmanville Hospital. In addition, Bowmanville Hospital will receive support for the development of an interim helipad which will allow for safe transfers of critical patients to and from the Hospital while the redevelopment project is being completed. Thank you to MPP Lindsey Park and our Provincial partners for their continued support in improving healthcare in the Clarington community.

This exciting news has allowed the Foundation to move one step closer to achieving the goals of our redevelopment campaign. Stay tuned to our website and social media pages for more exciting updates!

You can learn more about the announcement here.

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Our hospital is at the heart of Clarington’s communities. It is the place we come for help in our time of need. Bowmanville Hospital Foundation, proudly celebrating 45 years of service, is dedicated to ensuring that our hospital is well-equipped to provide compassionate health care for our families and individuals today and for years to come.